Ace McCoulskey's Lock Service
24 Hour Locksmith Denton Texas
Ace McCoulskey's Lock Service    (940)565-9581                                          I am Chris McCoulskey, owner of Ace McCoulskey's Locksmith service. I have been serving Denton since 1989.
There are only 4 local Locksmiths in Denton, Ace McCoulskey's Lock Service (940)565-9581 , Slim Jim's (940)387-9797, Laura's, and Bryan & Sons.  Laura's 387-5736 and Bryan & Sons 566-5100 have shops in Denton, and I refer several customers a day to them. We, Ace McCoulskey's Locksmith are a mobile service and specialize in fast service, to unlock cars, trucks, house, apartments, and business. We fix problem locks and replace lost keys,including transponder (chipped) and prox keys for cars. We rekey homes and  business. We are located next to The University of North Texas.
There are many pretend local "locksmiths". They are not licensed by the Texas Bureau of Private Security and operate illegally without background checks, insurance, or training. They show their "technicians" how to pry a door out with an airbag and then pull and poke with a metal rod. This "training" probably takes about 2 minutes, and as far as I can tell is the only "training" they ever receive. Many of these "Locksmiths" advertise 15 or 30 dollars, until they show up, if they show up. Then they ask for 150 to 200 dollars. They will give you a 15 minute ETA. If they show up it is usually 1 to 2 hours latter, if they bother to show up at all. And they want cash. We at Ace McCoulskey's Locksmith typically have a 5 to 20 minute ETA in Denton, we always charge the same flat rates, and we take cash, checks, credit and debit cards. I have been locksmithing for over 30 years. Most lock outs take less then a minute. The hardest part is driving to the auto. Most of our buisness is repeat and refferal, 
Denton Texas has 2 major State universities. 50,000 students living in or traveling to a city with a population of just over 100,000.. We have high volume in a small area and are 24 hours. So if you need a locksmith in Denton, call Ace (940)565-9581.

(940)565-9581  Ace McCoulskey's lock Service Lic#B12731, mailing address: 1624 W. Oak Denton Tx 76201  (corner of W. Oak & Ave. C)


Ace McCoulskey's Lock Service                                      Denton Texas Lic B12731